meet konkheis sipsey


Konkheis is effective, detail-oriented, and exceptionally passionate about working with the youth.  Konkheis is a team member if 1Team1Fight Ministries, an active member at Pleasant Hill Church of Deliverance Youth Ministry out in La Porte, TX, and mentor at Sterling Aviation High School. Due to his consistency and leadership skills, he has effective rapport with people he encounters, especially the youth. 

Konkheis has  helped establish relationships with other young men and women from the community including their parents. His communication and relational skills are gifts that not everyone carry. 

He's married to his bride Christall Sipsey and has 6 awesome kids!

k.d.s. boot camp




This training camp was birthed from a need for genuine love, compassion, and mentor-ship for the youth in the community. Here we not only teach children the fundamentals of sports but we teach youth the importance of Godly, principles, integrity, respect, and leadership. 



K.D.S. has found the key to the connection, and has put together an amazing team of compassionate and skilled volunteers who stay ready. Together we build healthy relationships, by empowering wisdom into our future which is our youth. We expect participants to grow to their fullest potential. In that, we will walk hand in hand alongside the parents and children until they have grown into productive young men and women. Not only will we teach them life coping skills we also teach them the fundamentals of sports, and other recreational and career paths that they choose interest in. 


Services Offered


  • Mentoring 
  • Accountability Partners
  • Bi Weekly Meetings
  • Group Lesson Plans
  • Sports Training
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Field Trips